Corporate events

We can help companies that want to increase the confidence of employees, managers and directors in getting their message across.

Whatever your position in an organisation there may come a point when you will lose your enthusiasm and may not want to stand up in front of a crowd.

Let IOMEgold help you to increase your skills and confidence in speaking in public.

Someone who can speak well in public is more likely to gain recommendations and promotion.

We can give you the skills to continue making memorable speeches

Whether you have to start speaking at board meetings for the first time, address a conference or train new employees.

IOMEgold will show you the skills to do it well.

Do you want to make sure that the reports that you take care to produce are actually read?

Our Readable Reports course is for you.

Contact us now for details

Fed up of death by powerpoint?

IOMEgold also offers training in preparing and making presentations using powerpoint and other visual aids

Learn the secrets of powerful presentations.

Listening skills are important tools for anyone speaking in public. Knowing how to listen effectively improves your delivery.

Listening Skills

Workshop is a must for anyone entering politics, joining committees or wanting to speak in public.

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